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10 Ways You Can Make Your Home Greener

10 Ways You Can Make Your Home Greener

With carbon emissions rising globally and an increased global focus on environmental responsibility, many consumers are looking for ways that they can shift their daily routine to reduce their carbon footprint. One place where little choices can make a big impact is in the home. At Vacuums 360, we are passionate about making eco-friendly choices, so we rounded up our pick of the Top 10 things you can do to create a greener home:

Vacuum Smart

Choose a vacuum cleaner that is compatible with both carpets and hardwood floors. The eco-friendliest vacuum cleaners maximize efficiency across every type of surface– like the Oreck Pod, which can be found here. The Pod is also bag-less, which increases effectiveness and reduces waste.


No More Paper Towels

Stop buying paper towels and paper disinfectant wipes, for that matter. Making the simple switch to cloth doesn’t just save you money; it’s saving space in landfills.


Save Your Scraps

If you’re a frequent crafter (or if you have kids who are!) start saving those scraps of paper in a scraps bin. Chances are, you can reuse most of the leftovers somewhere down the road.


Breathe in, Breathe Out

Clean up the Oxygen around you by investing in a good air purifier and adding a few house plants to freshen things up. You’ll breathe easier and experience healthier living.


Paint it Green

This advice isn’t literal— you might not know it, but that splitting headache you get from fresh paint is owed to the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) contained in many kinds of paint. OCs combine with other molecules in the air to create compounds that continue to “off gas” for a few years. To prevent all of this, check your labels and intentionally shop for “Zero VOC” paints.

Lights Off

Learning to flip off the lights when you leave a room can lower your electric bill and dramatically shrink your “light pollution.” Also consider purchasing more eco-friendly lighting options!

Wash Smart

Wait for a full load before putting in your laundry and don’t forget to clean the filter after each load.

Start Composting

Start saving your organic waste for the compost– including eggshells, tea leaves, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings. You’d be surprised the amount of waste you can save! The composted material also makes for great soil enhancer, so you can save yourself a trip to the greenhouse.

Water Wisely

If you utilize a sprinkler system, make sure you are watering at dusk or early nighttime. It gives the water a chance to sink in before the sun comes out and evaporates it all.

Before You Flush

Flushing the toilet often is wasteful. It can be tempting to toss hair, used tissues, or small bits of trash into the toilet, but by switching to chucking them into a garbage can, you can save water and protect the earth.

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