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4 Signs Your Vacuum Needs Repair

4 Signs Your Vacuum Needs Repair

If you’ve invested in a high quality vacuum with the goal that it would last you many years—perhaps even a lifetime—you need to know when your vacuum is showing signs of needing repairs. Most vacuum repairs are simple and can be done at a local vacuum repair shop. Here are some of the common signs you might notice that indicate a trip to that shop is in order.

1: Suction

If your vacuum sucks, then it is doing its job. If you notice that your vacuum isn’t sucking, that could be a sign of a problem. Before taking it to a repair shop, check to make sure the bag isn’t full, and check for visible dirt outside the bag in the compartment that could be a sign of a hole in your bag. Some bagless models also need to have filters cleaned regularly to avoid dust buildup. Washable filters can be rinsed with water (don’t use harsh chemicals) and should be dried completely before putting them back in the vacuum. You may also need to replace worn or damaged filters.

If you’ve checked all these things and your vacuum still doesn’t seem to suck, bring it to a vacuum repair shop.

2: Smell

A strong smell whenever you turn on your vacuum could also indicate a problem. The most common is a burning smell, which could be a broken belt, a problem with the electrical wiring, or an issue with the motor. A simple broken belt is something you could replace on your own if you feel comfortable, but for most people it’s easier to just bring it in to a professional vacuum repair shop. For electrical and motor issues, bring it to a repair shop immediately to avoid injury to you or further damage to the machine.

3: Power Issues

If your vacuum won’t start or keeps stopping and starting while you’re using it, this is often a problem with the vacuum’s internal protection feature that turns off the unit to prevent overheating. It could be overheating, or it could just be an issue with the sensor. Vacuum repair stores can help you figure out which it is and get it fixed.

4: Strange Noises

Most vacuums aren’t quiet, but they shouldn’t make strange noises or be excessively loud either. If you notice a loud or different sound, the fan may be obstructed, or it could be a problem in the motor. If you just vacuumed up a large object that can’t get through to the bag, that could also cause the vacuum to make strange noises. You can try to remove the large object, and if that’s not the cause, bring it to a vacuum repair store to have it serviced.

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