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Advice from a Vacuum Repair Shop: How to Empty a Dyson

Advice from a Vacuum Repair Shop: How to Empty a Dyson

Are you lucky enough to have a Dyson vacuum cleaner? Dyson is considered a premium vacuum — the first manufacturer to make a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction over time. Other companies have followed suit, including Shark and Bissell, but at Vacuums 360, we know Dyson still holds a fair share of the market.

Dyson’s first vacuum cleaner was an upright model in bright yellow, chunky like The Jetsons’ maid, Rosey the Robot. Over time, Dyson added new styles and models. Today, Dyson vacuums are so modern that emptying them is not always intuitive to the average homeowner or apartment dweller. But don’t worry. Our vacuum cleaner repair technicians are here to explain to you how to empty Dyson vacuums of all kinds.

Dyson had the revolutionary idea to make their dirt cups clear, so we would know when they were full. The clear dust cups on Dyson vacuum cleaners are not just more convenient, they also help your vacuum last longer. It’s important to empty your vacuum cleaner dust bin as soon as it gets full, and if it’s hard to tell when that is, the odds of you doing it in time are lower.

Attempting to run the vacuum with a full bin will put unnecessary stress on the motor and may cause you to need vacuum cleaner repairs.

How to Empty a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Dyson cordless vacuums are great — both the handheld and the stick. They’re nothing like the Dustbusters and Dirt Devils of the ’80s — they’re sleek, convenient and powerful.

Once your Dyson cordless V8 vacuum dust cup is full, detach the vacuum from the wand. Next, hold the vacuum over the trash and pull up on the red plastic tab on top of the vacuum. This allows you to lift up the top, which opens a trap door underneath the cup, expelling the contents into the trash.

If you have a Dyson V15, V11, V10 or V6 cordless vacuum, detach the vacuum wand and follow a similar process. Hold the vacuum over the trash and this time, slide the red lever on the side of the vacuum down, and it opens the bottom of the dirt cup.

Dyson has two models for bare floors only, the Micro 1.5kg and the Omni Glide. The Micro 1.5kg empties the same way the uprights do, with the red lever. To empty the Omni Glide, you just slide the dirt cup away from the vacuum and the bottom opens, allowing the debris to fall into the trash.

How to Empty an Upright or Canister Dyson Vacuum

As cute and convenient as the Dyson cordless models are, the truth is that any vacuum that plugs into the wall is more powerful than a cordless. So, for big jobs, some homeowners prefer an upright Dyson vacuum, or a cylinder or ball vacuum. These canister-style Dyson vacuums are the most powerful of all. Canister vacuums are also generally quieter, and do a better job on bare floors.

On Dyson ball and cylinder upright vacuums, the dirt cup assembly quickly detaches from the front of the vacuum and comes with a handle so you can easily carry it to the trash. Use your thumb to press down on the red lever on the top of the canister and the contents of the cup will fall into the trash.

On some Dyson vacuums, including the Dyson Ball cylinder vacuum and the Dyson DC33 filter canister vacuum, to release the dirt cup you must press a small, round, white button. This button is on the top of the vacuum and has Ikea-like instruction symbols in black.

For Dyson Big Ball vacuums, grasp the handle on the dirt cup assembly and press down on the red button with your thumb to release it. Next, hold it over the trash and press the red bin release button. This will open the bottom of the bin, allowing the dirt to fall into the trash.

Why Emptying Dyson Vacuums Is Safer

Dyson designed their vacuums so users could empty the dust cups hands free. At the time, this was considered more hygienic. Today, the need to keep your home — and your hands — clean is greater than ever, so the convenience of a hands-free emptying mechanism can’t be overstated.

Once the dust cup is empty, if you want to clean it, you can remove it from the vacuum and wipe it out with a damp cloth. Take care to make sure it is entirely dry before you put it back — water and electricity don’t mix! And never submerge your dust cup in water, put it in the dishwasher or use soap or cleaning chemicals. It could damage your vacuum and it isn’t necessary to get your dirt cup squeaky clean.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop in Salt Lake City

We want your vacuum to last a long time and serve you well, so if you should ever need repair, visit the top vacuum repair shop in Salt Lake City — Vacuums 360. We have years of experience working on all makes and models of vacuums, including Oreck, Miele, Simplicity, Kirby, SEBO, Hoover, Riccar, Roomba and of course, Dyson, Shark and Bissell. We offer vacuum repair services to clients from all over northern Utah, including Provo, Draper, Millcreek and Lehi.

To shop for a new vacuum or to get your old vacuum repaired, visit Vacuums 360 in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Orem or Layton today.

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