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Benefits of a Cordless Vacuum

Benefits of a Cordless Vacuum

Who doesn’t love making life easier? Do you wish cleaning your home could be more convenient? Well now you can with a cordless vacuum. We are here to tell you all the reasons why going with a cordless Dyson or Oreck is a game-changer.


Feel like your vacuum cord has been holding you back, quite literally? With a cordless vacuum, you are free to roam wherever you want without the risk of cables stretching around chair legs, dangling in front of the stairs or catching on corners. All of those can be a trip hazard in your home, so why not remove all the risk without the risk of leaving your house dirty?

No Unplugging Issues

You’re in the vacuum groove and then all of a sudden it switches off. Don’t you hate it when the vacuum accidentally switches off every time you get too far away from the socket? Well with a cordless Dyson from Vacuums 360, you don’t have to. With cordless, there is obviously no threat of the cord being pulled out of the socket. You can start at one end of your house or apartment and finish at the other, all without any interruptions.

Changes How You Clean

With a cordless vacuum, it can completely change your cleaning habits for the better. Now, instead of waiting to do a full weekly clean, you’ll soon find yourself using the cordless vacuum little and often, since it is quick and easy. With a cordless vacuum, it is now easier than ever to maintain a healthy house all week long. You won’t know what to do with all your free time.

More Cleaning Opportunities

Without the cord, vacuums are much more mobile and some even come with a detachable handheld, to assist you to easier access to upholstery, stairs, counter tops, your car and boat too. There is nothing you can’t suck up with your Oreck cordless vacuum.

With cordless, you don’t have to map out your cleaning routine based on where your socket is. Feel free to roam to whatever needs cleaning, worry-free.

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