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Cleaning Your Vacuum Efficiently 

Cleaning Your Vacuum Efficiently 

Everyone wants to get value for the money they spend on home appliances like vacuum cleaners; cleaning it the right way can save you a lot in expensive repairs. You can do it yourself but if you find it too technical, our professionals can help you clean your Dyson vacuum. Here is how you to clean your vacuum efficiently.

Vacuum filter

Various vacuum cleaner models have different filtering systems; some are washable while others need replacements. Thus, it’s critical to double-check the instructions on its cleanable parts to avoid doing it wrong. If it uses bags, your vacuum cleaner can have several filters. Foam filters beneath the exhaust air can be cleaned with tap water. However, make sure that they dry up well before putting them back in. Use a soft brush or cloth to dust plastic filters and do it outside the machine.

Brush Roll

A build-up of dirt inside the bearings of the brush roll can prevent it from spinning well. Cleaning it right can save you money on frequent repairs. Also, replace the brush roll as often as possible if you use the vacuum cleaner more times. Use a small pair of scissors to remove tangles on the brush and pull out any threads or hair wrapped around it.


Flip the head upside down to check if it is clogged with debris and needs you to clean. This part is crucial for cleaning since it comes into direct contact with the floor.




As obvious as it may sound, always unplug your Dyson vacuum before cleaning. This is because accidental knocking of the switch can cause the machine to start running unexpectedly and cause electrical or physical injury.

Read Instructions

Before cleaning the vacuum cleaner, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s handbook for guidelines. Do not remove any hoover parts without referring to the manual to avoid mistakes. All Vacuums 360 Dyson vacuums come with a clear manual on how to clean it.

Putting the above tips into consideration when cleaning your vacuum cleaner can ensure that it has an extended life and works as efficiently as possible. Vacuums 360 stocks a variety of vacuum cleaners and does cleaning and maintenance for your Dyson vacuum. We have a center near you. Call us today and we promise to listen and advise you on the best brands.

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