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Common Accessories to Consider for a New Vacuum

Common Accessories to Consider for a New Vacuum

When considering the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner, one of the top considerations you have to make is the accessories that come with it. Modern vacuums are much more than just a single suction area and a bag – they may contain several additional pieces that help you get a more comprehensive clean in your desired areas.

At Vacuums 360 in Salt Lake City, you can contact us at any time to receive information on accessories for our Dyson, Oreck, Miele, Shark and numerous other vacuum brand options we offer. Our experienced staff will help you assess your cleaning needs and which kinds of vacuum accessories will best match them, plus which models offer the most efficient forms of these accessories. Here are several of the most common vacuum add-ons you’ll find, plus their general purpose.


Crevice Tool

As you quickly find out when you attempt to use the main vacuum in these areas, corners and various cracks of your home are pretty tough to access in this manner. Even modern vacuum designs are still relatively square or rectangular, meaning your full machine might not be able to reach every little nook of your space.

This is where the crevice tool comes in, one that’s present on nearly every modern vacuum model today. It has a narrowed top, one that not only increases the suction force to help pull up little stuck items, but also allows you to dig into the corners in any area. For the best possible crevice tool, look for options with slots in the side – these improve airflow and limit clogging risks.

Various Brushes

There are a couple brushes that might come with your vacuum purchase:

  • Bare floor brush: These are meant for hardwood formats, as well as tile and other smooth floors. These brushes come in both natural (horse or boar hair) and nylon bristle formats, and you get more coverage the wider you go.
  • Dusting brush: These are detachable brushes you can use to dust shelves, countertops and other surfaces. Once again, they’re available in both natural bristles or nylon styles, with natural generally preferred for gentle dusting and longer-lasting service.

Upholstery Cleaner Tool

This is generally a hard plastic tool, though there are also options with a nylon bristle strip. This tool helps you clean cloth and carpet, removing debris or possibly even stains that have built up on the surface.

Turbo Attachments

Finally, turbo attachments use a turbine powered by the vacuum itself to spin a roller brush. They can be used for upholstery or for wider areas like rugs or carpets. You’ll have to ensure the turbine is clear, but this tool is one of the best out there for incredibly fine cleaning on thinner carpet styles.

For more on the kinds of accessories available to you with your vacuum, or to learn about any of our vacuum brands or vacuum cleaner repair services, speak to the staff at Vacuums 360 today.

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