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Deciding What Vacuum Fits Your Needs

Deciding What Vacuum Fits Your Needs

Vacuum is an essential tool for any home, apartment, or RV. However, the type of vacuum you choose for your home will largely be based on what exactly you are using it for. A vacuum, above all else, should always be reliable, sturdy and dependable to handle whatever task you throw at it. At Vacuums 360, the guesswork out of vacuum shopping is eliminated. Our wide array of information is targeted to educate consumers on making the right choice for their family.

Many vacuum brands say they can hold up to the heavy demands of today’s households, but too often they fall short. The long line of Dyson brand vacuums, however, are impressive in their capabilities, features and reliability. From the smallest handheld vacuum to the larger capacity models that can tackle multiple rooms. The choices from Dyson are plentiful at all prices and budget levels.

Things to Consider when Vacuum Shopping:

  • How often you will use it: Is this just for an area rug? Or do you plan to vacuum multiple carpets several times per week. A higher end, more powerful Dyson vacuum might be better for larger homes.
  • Wood floors? Dyson vacuums particularly work just as well on wood floors as they do carpet. Why sweep around dust and debris when you can go over it with a vacuum? However, always look for a vacuum that can adjust to lower settings that can accommodate hardwood floors better than others. Most vacuums have a setting that allows you to effortlessly switch from carpet to hardwood.
  • Attachments: We all love them, but many of use fail to use them regularly. However, if you’re one that is looking to vacuum drapes, get under the refrigerator or behind the couch with ease, then you should consider the attachments or the availability post-purchase of adding attachment that fit your family’s needs. Dyson, for example, is selling a wide array of attachments that can be added to many of their vacuum systems. These attachments for some people can make cleaning less of a hassle and more of a breeze.

In the end, there’s a vacuum for everyone’s needs. Just listen to your heart and choose wisely.

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