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General Tasks When Caring for A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

General Tasks When Caring for A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

As one of the most popular and recognizable vacuum brands out there, Dyson vacuums are known for how easy it is to care for and service them. They come with a variety of parts that are manufactured singularly and can be replaced after purchase from an authorized dealer, meaning you can regularly upgrade the components of your vacuum as it ages to keep it working optimally.

At Vacuums 360, we offer a wide range of Dyson vacuum sales, repairs and related services. While caring for these models is among the simplest tasks out there for any major vacuum brand, there are still just a few basics you have to keep an eye on to ensure your model is in top working condition. Here are some general tips on Dyson vacuum care and upkeep.

Emptying Needs

One of the top qualities of every new Dyson vacuum model is the “Max” or “Full” marker that’s present on the outside of their canisters. Instead of you needing to check the bin every time you use it to see whether it’s filled up or still has room, you can simply look at this line for a basic idea of where you stand. This prevents you from over-filling and potentially clogging the vacuum, which not only makes it less efficient but also leads to overheating motors and shortened lifespan.

Filter Cleaning and Replacement

Another airflow-related risk you can easily keep an eye on with any Dyson is the cleaning and replacement of filters. Virtually all filters made by Dyson can be easily cleaned with nothing but water – all you have to do is soak them and clear out any debris or dust, then wait for them to dry fully before placing them back in the vacuum.

One note here: Dysons have both a sponge pre-motor filler and a pleated post-motor HEPA filter, both of which can be manually cleaned. Make sure you check both. In cases where your filter has been in use for several years and is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, speak to our team about replacing it.

Roller Brush

When cleaning carpets, the main factors at play in your vacuum are suction and agitation. But if the roller brush in the model gets bound up, it reduces the agitation possible and can lead to broken belts and worn-down motors. Clean hair and strings out of all bristles, bearings and drive gears when appropriate.

Cord Quality

Another great quality of Dysons is that you can even replace their cords and power cables if they wear down or become frayed. You can also take steps to maintain the quality of cables by not yanking on them, and by wrapping them loosely or in a way that will lead to coiling.

Professional Service

Finally, for any concerns not listed here, Dyson service from our professionals is easily affordable and will keep your model running for years. We’ll assist you with everything from ducting and service bearings to cleaning your motor and a full-scale inspection.

For more on cleaning and maintaining Dyson vacuums, or to learn about any of our vacuum brand or repair services, speak to the staff at Vacuums 360 today.

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