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Get Vacuum Repair Before Spring Cleaning

Get Vacuum Repair Before Spring Cleaning

Your vacuum is your best friend during spring cleaning season. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is up to the task this year by bringing it into our Salt Lake City vacuum repair shop for a tuneup. Vacuums 360 also has locations in Orem, Layton and South Jordan, to better serve all our customers in northern Utah. We provide vacuum repair services for all the most popular models of vacuums today.

Spring Cleaning in Utah

People have been spring cleaning for thousands of years. It was much harder back in the old days, before vacuums were invented (and even before floors were invented!). When warmer temperatures finally arrive, many homeowners and apartment dwellers get an almost irresistible urge to purge. We start emptying closets and garages, throwing out items we no longer want and working to get the dust bunnies out from under the furniture so we can bring order and cleanliness to our lives once again.

Vacuuming Floors and Carpets

There’s no doubt that the main function of a vacuum cleaner is to suck dirt off floors and carpets. Instead of vacuuming them, we could sweep or dry mop bare floors such as wood, tile or linoleum, but this method tends to just kick up the dust and scatter is about. Sweeping probably nets you a pile of debris, but the smaller, lighter dust particles on your floor have simply resettled elsewhere. It is much cleaner and more efficient to use a vacuum to clean bare floors.

For carpets, however, your vacuum is an indispensable tool. Before vacuums were invented, people used carpet sweepers to clean their rugs, or they carried them outside and hung them up to beat the dust out of them with rug beater. (You can still buy these at places like Ikea, but they are mostly only used as decorations.)
Carpet sweepers featured a brush that rotated as you pushed the sweeper to push dirt inside a compartment. Today’s vacuums have a similar part which we call a beater bar. However, this bar is powered by a motor. And the big difference is, vacuums suck up dirt, but carpet sweepers do not.

When it comes to spring cleaning, however, vacuums do so much more than clean floors and rugs!

Vacuum Your Upholstery

Most vacuum cleaners come with a set of handy attachments to clean parts of your home besides the floors and carpets. One of the most-used attachments is the upholstery attachment. This tool is super handy for vacuuming sofa and chair cushions. Once you pull these cushions off your furniture to clean them, you’re likely to see all kinds of debris that has fallen underneath, such as crumbs, dirt, hair and more.

Sometimes this tool has a removable bristled brush, but sometimes this brush is a separate tool. If you have pets, the bristles are particularly helpful at coaxing pet hair off your cushions.

Vacuum Your Drapes

You can use your upholstery attachment to vacuum your drapes and curtains as well.

Drapes and curtains collect lots of dust, pet hair and pollen. One reason is because they are right next to the open windows. But we also tend to clean this part of our home less frequently, so the dirt builds up. Some curtains you can just pop right into the washer and dryer to get rid of the dirt, but taking them down and putting them back up can be a hassle, especially if you have to iron them (and washing drapes is usually a no-no). It might be easier to just vacuum them.

The trick is to get enough suction to get your curtains and drapes clean, but not so much that your vacuum threatens to suck them off the rod and into the bag. Use the adjustment wheel on your hose handle to get the right level of suction to clean your drapes and curtains.

Vacuum Your Furniture

Most vacuum attachment sets come with soft brushes for vacuuming hard surfaces such as tables and shelves. You may use these regularly during the year, but for spring cleaning, you’ll want to take books and items off shelves, vacuum each tchotchke or book, vacuum the shelf, and then replace items.

Even though you may dust carefully throughout the year, during spring cleaning you will notice dust has settled in between books and on or behind knickknacks.
You can also use this handy attachment to dust picture frames, mirrors and other household objects. Pop it onto the end of an extender segment to easily vacuum baseboards, chair rails and wainscoting without bending.

Vacuum the Crevices

Your crevice tool is an invaluable part of your vacuum attachment set. It’s perfect for vacuuming out the corners of your kitchen drawers and cabinets, your computer keyboard and other electronic devices, and any narrow spots in your home that dust or crumbs might fall into.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

You may think your vacuum works fine, but are you sure? Vacuums are notorious for losing suction over the years. You don’t want to put all that time and effort into vacuuming your house from top to bottom for spring cleaning without getting the full benefit out of your vacuum that you are entitled to.

Bring your vacuum into Vacuums 360 today for vacuum repair or a checkup. We’ll test your vacuum to see if it has lost any of its suction power. If it has, vacuum repairs can restore its full suction capabilities. While you’re here, you may want to have your brush attachments checked too.

We can show you how to clean your attachment brushes so they perform better. Brushes choked with dust don’t work as well, and they might even scratch your floors. Brushes that are severely worn down after years of use, however, may need to be replaced.

Whether you have a Dyson, Sebo, Kirby, Hoover, Orek, Shark, Bissell, Miele, Simplicity, Riccar, Roomba or even an antique Electrolux vacuum, we can help! If you live in Spanish Fork, American Fork, Bountiful, Millcreek, Draper, Herriman, Provo, Bluffdale, Lehi, Ogden, Kaysville, Clearfield or anywhere in northern Utah, there’s a Vacuums 360 near you. Rely on us for the best in vacuum repair.

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