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How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Bare Floors

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Bare Floors

Homeowners who have hardwood, linoleum or any other type bare floors will want to ensure they have a vacuum cleaner that will clean the floors thoroughly, but gently.

You may have tried Swiffers or other types of sweepers on these floors, but they are no substitute for a good vacuum cleaner. Sweepers just stir up the dust and push it around. Vacuum cleaners efficiently suck up dust and debris, as well as heavier dirt and soil.

Vacuums 360 offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners for every surface and cleaning need. Plus, we provide vacuum cleaner repair and service for any and all models.

When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, look for the following features if you have bare floors in your home as well as carpeting.

Bare Floor Mode

A good combination vacuum cleaner has a bare floor mode that you can quickly and easily switch to. Enabling this function stops the beater bar from turning, allowing only the suction function to operate. This means the vacuum cleaner still sucks up the dirt, but the bristles on the brush don’t have the chance to scratch your floors.

Some models have a squeegee behind the roller that acts as an anti-scatter guard.

Sweep and Suck Tool

Many upright and canister vacuums come with attachments, and one of these is the sweep and suck tool — also sometimes called the bare floor tool. It has a wide nozzle with a soft brush that helps protect your flooring while agitating debris out of cracks and crevices.

Bristles, Wheels and Floor Finish

When settling on the right vacuum cleaner for your home, you have to consider other parts of the vacuum as well, such as the type of bristles on the brushes and what kinds of wheels the vacuum is equipped with.

For instance, if you have rough flooring such as natural stone, a hybrid model vacuum cleaner with a bare floor mode won’t get the job done — you’ll need a vacuum with a separate attachment.

For softer wood floors, only brushes with natural bristles should be used. Marble, ceramic tile, cork and other types of flooring have other considerations as well.

And finally, ensure your surface will not be damaged by your vacuum cleaner’s wheels. You may want rubber-coated wheels instead of the traditional plastic.

Rely on Vacuums 360

These considerations are why you should go vacuum-cleaner shopping armed with a list of the types of carpeting and flooring you have in your home. Shag carpet? Expensive Oriental? Area rugs with fringe? Engineered hardwood? Bamboo?

The more you know, the more we can help you at Vacuums 360.

For more on choosing the best vacuum for bare floors or to learn about any of our vacuum brands or repair services, speak to the staff at Vacuums 360 today.

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