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How to Efficiently Clean Your Home

How to Efficiently Clean Your Home

In today’s busy world, it’s important to clean your home as efficiently and effectively as possible. With a variety of modern innovations, cleaning has never been easier or more convenient. Certain tools, such as a Dyson vacuum, often assist your cleaning routine. Further increasing efficiency, focusing on a few simple methods with make your time spent cleaning as minimal as possible.

Clear Clutter

Before cleaning with products or tools, go around to each room of your house and reduce clutter as much as possible. If counters are full of items, store or move the items before thoroughly cleaning surfaces. If there’s a lot of decorations in a room, it’s best to move the directions to another room before cleaning walls, floor and non-movable objects. Clearing clutter also makes vacuuming easier. Whether you have a Dyson vacuum or other brand, dust and debris can sometimes kick up onto surrounding surfaces. With reduced clutter, dust resettles quickly, ultimately sucked up by your vacuum.

Start at the Top

Whichever room you’re cleaning, it’s important to start at the top. When you clean from the top down dirt and dust from higher surfaces fall to lower surfaces or the floor. It’s important to dust ceiling fans first, then wipe furniture down and, finally, vacuum the floor. Whether you’re using a Dyson or Shark vacuum, there are often several attachments that can be used to clean surfaces beyond a carpet or floor. For example, a Dyson vacuum is usually accompanied by a furniture brush and suction hose for higher areas.

Treat Floors and Furniture

Some types of floors and furniture often need to be treated with specific products. For example, wooden floors and furniture cannot be fully cleaned with your vacuum. They require cleaning products designed for them and, often, a good waxing. Floor and furniture freshening should be done last, once all clutter, dust and debris is cleared away.

Cleaning your home in an organized, strategic way is the best method for ensuring efficiency. Clear away clutter, dust from top to bottom and treat floors and furniture last to improve your cleaning routine. Assisted by modern tools, such as a vacuum, your cleaning routine will require a minimal amount of time to execute.

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