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Physical and Psychological Benefits of Cleaning

Physical and Psychological Benefits of Cleaning

Alright. Look, we won’t pretend that vacuuming isn’t frustrating at times but once you fight through the tedious pains, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a tidier home IS REAL. In fact, there are physical and psychological benefits that come from cleaning your home. Recognizing these fulfilling cleaning bonuses should only give you more incentive to pull out the vacuum and get cleaning—take a look!

Physical Benefits

It is no secret that vacuuming truly ensures a healthier home by ridding your hardwood floors and carpets from disease-carrying dirt and bacteria (especially for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies). In addition to the gunk we carry into our from the outside filth, we shed millions of dead skin cells each week that can cause rashes, sneezing and other respiratory irritations. Vacuuming and cleaning truly make a difference in our in-home health by clearing up the buildup of dirt and freeing your living space from the indistinct dangers of airborne diseases. Not only do you guarantee yourself the safety of clean air, but cleaning also decreases chances of chronic diseases and can act as a substitute for fitness.

A study that explores the relationship between physical health and cleaning creates a correlation between 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of cleaning.  30 minutes of walking helps the everyday Jane or Joe to reduce their blood pressure and their chance of developing chronic heart disease: the study shows that 30 minutes of cleaning yields similar results. The increased heart rate and metabolism from this simple bit of exercise are enough to reduce body fat, which will help give you nicer legs and a slimmer waist! Now, if you have a newer sleek vacuum like the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light, it may require a little less —umph in the work but it doesn’t take away from the psychological benefits.

Psychological Benefits

Like all things that require a little work, once you are finished there is a sense of pride and pleasure towards the end result. With cleaning, the great sensation of feeling smooth countertops or crumb-less floors comes from hard work, and this work releases endorphins that improve our moods. Some suggest that because our body is made up of the tens of thousands of neurochemical systems that follow to a strictly organized schedule, it is only natural that exerting this kind of physical strain to maintain a neat and orderly home is equally gratifying.

Interesting Concluding Note

People that do not proactively clean are also usually the kind of people who will make excuses like, “bad weather,” that keep them from exercising. So by setting a schedule to clean regularly, you will benefit by creating a healthier home, a sufficient exercise, an improved mood, and potentially the motivation to go out and exercise on ‘bad weather’ non-cleaning days!

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