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Primer on General Importance of Vacuuming a Home

Primer on General Importance of Vacuuming a Home

At Vacuums 360, we’re proud to be your premium vacuum cleaner repair and sales superstore. We’ve spent years in the vacuum field, with experts familiar with every major brand out there, from Dyson vacuums to Miele, Oreck, Riccar and several others.

We’re also here to provide basic expertise and tips for all of our vacuum users, including in one very simple but frequently-raised area of questioning: Why is vacuuming important to begin with? Especially for those with carpet and other surfaces that don’t show dirt easily, vacuuming may seem like a secondary concern that isn’t all that important – but this is simply not the case, and vacuuming is important for several reasons. Here are a few, plus some very general tips on vacuuming properly in your space.


Health Considerations

For starters, vacuuming regularly promotes the health of everyone living in a given space. Between humans living in a space and any pets present, hundreds of thousands of dead skin cells, hair molecules, allergens, dust and forms of pollen are accumulating on our flooring surfaces over a period of time.

If these various elements are simply left to sit indefinitely, they can have significant negative impacts. Many such contaminants lead to respiratory or other health issues, particularly concerns like allergies or asthma in those who are prone to them. Vacuuming them properly and regularly eliminates these concerns entirely.

Financial Benefits

On top of the health benefits brought on by regular vacuuming, there are financial areas to consider as well. Your home is an investment, as are any carpets, rugs or other flooring formats. Keeping them free and clear of debris and build-ups helps maintain their value, plus helps you avoid costly replacements if these kinds of surfaces wear down due to improper maintenance.

Entertainment and Social Areas

Finally, vacuuming is an important piece of maintaining a clean, healthy space for entertaining guests or hosting social events. If someone with high allergy risks or asthma comes into your home, you don’t want them to be uncomfortable due to your lack of diligence. You wouldn’t go out in the public with poor hygiene, so why invite people into your home under similar conditions?

Vacuuming Tips

Some very general tips we can offer on vacuuming properly:

  • Don’t rush: Particularly when pulling the vacuum back toward yourself, but also just in general, take your time when vacuuming. This isn’t a race, and treating it like one can actually lead to permanent high-traffic patterns or other long-term wear issues on certain carpet types. Use slow, repetitive strokes to remove all contaminants.
  • Keep the vacuum properly stored and well-maintained, including cleaning filters and brushes regularly.
  • Use a well-sealed HEPA bag or a HEPA bagless vacuum to make sure that all contaminants stay sealed within a safe container. Poor filtration or badly-maintained vacuums will simply shoot particles back out into the air and onto your floors.

For more on why vacuuming is important, or to learn about any of our vacuum repair or brands offered, speak to the staff at Vacuums 360 today.

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