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Putting Your Vacuum Cleaner Together

Putting Your Vacuum Cleaner Together

There are several reasons you may need to disassemble and reassemble a vacuum cleaner. If you buy a brand-new vacuum you may need to assemble all or part of it. If your vacuum stops working correctly, you may need to open it up and attempt to repair it. Assembling or reassembling a vacuum cleaner is easy if you follow manual-based instructions. If you lose the manual or need additional help, there is a wealth of resources available online. Follow the correct steps to assemble or reassemble your vacuum.


The first step in vacuum assembly requires cleaning. Start by emptying the dust chamber into a trash can. Wash the chamber with soap and water. Before inserting the dust chamber into a vacuum, remove any stickers or debris on the grill. Depending on whether you’re assembling or reassembling, keeping your vacuum clean is important. For example, if your vacuum is a Shark, you may need to use Shark repair service. Before sending it into the service, the vacuum should be thoroughly cleaned. Repair technicians will be able to more effectively diagnose and repair when the vacuum is clear of dust and debris.

Remove Obstructions

Lay your vacuum in an area free of obstructions before you begin assembling it. With no obstructions, assembly is more efficient. Confirm the brush roll is free of debris and operating correctly. If not, remove the brush roll and clean away any hair, string or relevant debris. Also check to make sure nothing is obstructing the hose opening where the brush roll sits. Once everything is free of debris, continue assembling any separate parts.

Consult Brand

Whether you buy a Dyson or Shark, every vacuum brand generally has an online portal. If your vacuum did not come with a manual or you lost it, seek out the brand’s online presence. Manuals are often listed online, as well as repair services, such as Shark repair. Customer service options may also be offered, such as a phone number, email form and more. If vacuum assembly is difficult or you need additional parts, info, etc., always contact the manufacturer directly.

Assembling or reassembling a vacuum cleaner is simple when you clean it properly and remove any obstructions. If assembly proves difficult, most manufacturers, such as Dyson, offer a convenient online portal for information, customer service and much more. If you assemble your vacuum and it isn’t working properly, contact your manufacturer’s repair center for further diagnosis or visit our stores if you are in Layton or see our other areas around Utah.

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