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Robot Vacuums: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Robot Vacuums: To Buy or Not To Buy?

As with most cutting-edge technology, we all want to know things like whether or not the latest phone we buy is fully waterproof, or if the Tesla models truly steer themselves. It is no different when considering whether or not a robotic vacuum is worth purchasing. The most fascinating features robotic vacuum technology offers are as follows: environmental data, charging recognition, hands-free cleaning and coverage in hard-to-reach areas like under couches and corners.

To summarize, a robotic vacuum has sensors that remember the dimensions of a room and will work over carpets, around tables, and under couches. Once they get tired and the battery life drops to 15-20%, they will return to their charging dock. If the project is left unfinished as the robot vacuum charges, it will resume where it left off after regaining a full charge. Now, how well do these little (and we literally mean little—about 13 inches long and wide, and just 3 inches high) machines work? Well, that all depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Besides considering your budget, finding the right robotic vacuum for you will depend on what you expect it to do and how involved you want to be with the robot. There are purchasing options as low as $50 and as high as $2,000. Buying one of these little working miracles might look really good at a two-digit figured price, but you might encounter problems like it struggling to pick up bird seeds, getting lost or stuck and less run time.

Based on some negative reviews for the $50-$99 robotics, some people experience issues where the vacuum simply runs over a three-hole punched piece of paper without picking it up or the machine foregoing work and freezing because it will get confused and lost. These low-end robotic vacuums require you to plug them in to charge for approximately four hours and when you set it back to work, they will run for about an hour.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the more expensive vacuums have the needed technology to navigate to its charging port on its own and then resuming work after charging. These high-end robots are compatible with your Alexa, Google Assistant or other smart home devices and can be set-up to run on a specific schedule.

Before you hang your head down and decided you don’t have the money to spend upwards to $1,000-$2,000 on self-vacuuming dream machine, there are solid options out there that may give you the functionality you may like.

According to PC Magazine’s review of the top-10 best value robotic vacuums, the average price comes to about $500. We at Vacuum 360 offer several options of robotic vacuums such as the iRobot Roomba 690 that works in 3-stages, can be set-up on a schedule and is compatible with Alexa and other devices.

While robotic vacuum technology is quite astonishing, it is not to the point where its abilities fully replace hand-on vacuuming, but they do assist significantly in keeping a much cleaner environment.  As you look to purchase a robotic vacuum, remember to consider the information provided here.

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