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Shopping Guide: 4 Features to Look for in Your Next Vacuum

Shopping Guide: 4 Features to Look for in Your Next Vacuum

In the market for a new vacuum? For many people, the idea of vacuum shopping doesn’t really top the list of things they want to do, but it’s an essential cleaning tool for any household. If you haven’t shopped for a new vacuum in a while, it may surprise you to see all the choices available, and staring at a store shelf or browsing online might feel a little overwhelming. Here are a few key features to considerwhile shopping that can help you decide.

Feature 1: Overall Design

There are several different types of vacuums out there including:

  • Upright
  • Canister
  • Stick
  • Handheld
  • Cordless
  • Robot

While they all suck up dirt, they have very different features that work for different homes and applications. For example, an upright vacuum (the most “traditional” kind that most people picture when they think of a vacuum) works great in a larger home or an office building where you plan to vacuum a lot and need powerful suction. A home with multiple sets of stairs may need a canister or cordless vacuum that is more portable, while someone who just needs to clean up a small mess here and there would get the most use out of a lightweight handheld vacuum.

Feature 2: Floor Surfaces

Many newer vacuums are designed to be used on various floor surfaces, which means you can purchase just one vacuum for your hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and tile and change flooring types with the push of a button or turn of a dial on the vacuum. This is great for homeowners who want to have just a single vacuum for basic everyday cleaning needs, rather than buying multiple vacuums for different rooms.

Feature 3: Weight

There are some heavy-duty vacuums out there, including upright models that weigh as much as 20 pounds or more. If you have difficulty lifting or pushing heavy objects, a lightweight model would be better so you can vacuum effectively, as well as get it from room to room or carry it up and down the stairs to clean your home. You can also look for hybrid vacuums that are heavier but have attachments that you can separate from the main unit.

Feature 4: Filters

HEPA filters are an essential feature for anyone with allergies or who has pets, since they remove dust, dander, and allergens from the air. Some models today have reusable (washable) HEPA filters, which is great if you want to save some money and avoid the need to remember to buy new filters. Replaceable filters may be a better option for someone who is very sensitive to allergens, since the replacement filters will be cleaner than a filter you wash and reuse.

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