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Testing Your Vacuum Cleaner

Testing Your Vacuum Cleaner

A hefty investment, it is financially advantageous to fix a broken vacuum cleaner. Diagnosing problems with a vacuum requires thorough testing. Whether a Dyson, a Shark or another brand, the manufacturer’s manual usually includes instructions on what areas of a vacuum should be tested when the vacuum ceases to function properly. If the manual does not list instructions or you’ve misplaced the manual, there are a few common steps you can follow to test your vacuum.


One of the most common vacuum cleaner ailments, there are several reasons why suction may be decreased or non-existent. When testing for suction issues, the first step is to empty the bag or chamber. Then check the filters, hose and brush roll. If any obstructions exist clear them out. If all of these parts are clean and free of debris, the next step is to check the vacuum’s belt. If a brush roll is clean but isn’t spinning or is spinning at a decreased speed, the vacuum’s belt is most likely failing. Belts aren’t too expensive and are usually easy to replace.


If your vacuum is suddenly extra noisy you need to test a few different areas. Check the vacuum’s hose for obstructions. When an object can’t quite make it through the hose it can cause a very loud noise. If the hose is unobstructed, test the belt. If a belt is detached or loose it can make some heinous noises. If both the hose and belt are unobstructed, the vacuum’s motor may be failing. Motors can get very noisy prior to failing. If your vacuum is from a specific manufacturer, such as Dyson, contact them directly to order a new motor or for repair services.


There are a variety of reasons why a vacuum might be emitting an unpleasant smell. It’s important to regularly empty the bag or canister to keep a vacuum clean and free of dirt and debris. If your vacuum is producing an odor after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it, check the air and exhaust filters. They may need cleaning or replacement. For certain brands, such as Dyson, there are specific parts that need to be ordered directly from them. Check your brand’s website for more information.

A vacuum cleaner is a significant investment that often requires maintenance. Whether you have a Dyson, Bissell, Shark or other vacuum brand, there are several universal areas of a vacuum that should be regularly tested for issues. If your vacuum suffers from decreased suction, emits a loud noise or smell, consult your manual or manufacturer directly. You can also visit our office in South Jordan or see our other locations for further assistance beyond simple testing and repair.

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