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The Different Looks and Styles of Cordless Vacuum 

The Different Looks and Styles of Cordless Vacuum 

Cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient, simple to use and easy to store. Choosing the right style for you depends on more than aesthetics. Here are the most common types of cordless vacuum cleaners, their advantages and disadvantages.


Canister-style vacuums like the Dyson Big Ball, are comprised on a tank that is attached to a hose. The separate tank and array of attachments make cleaning drapes, carpets, rugs, hardwood, walls and tight spots fast and pain-free. However, the tanks on models like the Dyson Big Ball can be heavy, making it difficult to clean large areas. They also require more storage space than traditional upright cleaners.


Upright models like the Shark DuoClean have adjustable rollers that let you clean carpets, area rugs and wooden floors with the same machine and are ideal for deep cleaning. However, these traditional models come with fewer attachments and can be hard to maneuver in smaller spaces.


The Oreck Cordless with POD Technology is a modern example of a stick vacuum. Once called broom vacuums, models like the Oreck with POD Technology are designed for light tasks. Use them to freshen floors or gather crumbs after meals. The short battery life and limited power mean you’ll still need to keep a bigger model on-hand for regular deep cleaning.


Handheld vacuums are lightweight, portable and easy enough for anyone to use. Models like the Dyson V7 and Shark Perfect Pet feature rotating brushes that let you deep clean furniture and small areas with ease. Because of its size and weight, handheld devices like the Dyson V7 and Shark Pet Perfect have limited cleaning ability.


Robotic vacuums, like the Shark ION Robot use a remote control to program the device and direct the cleaning process. They are great for keeping floors tidy in-between regular cleanings. However, these vacuums don’t work well in spaces with a lot of obstacles. They also get caught easily on small, loose objects.

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