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The New Cordless Oreck Vacuum with POD Technology

The New Cordless Oreck Vacuum with POD Technology

Want the ability to clean your whole house on a single charge with your new Cordless Oreck Vacuum with POD Technology? Cordless vacuums are the new trend when it comes to the newest appliance everyone is talking about. Imagine cleaning your entire house without worrying about a cord getting in the way or pulling the cord out of the socket? Well now, your wish has been granted.

POD Technology

You might be wondering what POD technology is, so we are here to tell you. The POD technology is used to help contain dust and dirt for an easy, and even mess-free disposal. Imagine not having dust and debris go everywhere when emptying your vacuum? Oreck is making that possible. The POD technology allows you to pack in three times more dirt, so you can clean longer without the interruption of emptying the debris. When it does finally get full, (probably after you’ve cleaned the house and then your neighbors), you can dispose the POD without the fear of being surrounded with a dust cloud.

Fun Accessories

When is the last time you lifted up a vacuum that was less than 10 pounds? Eight pounds? Try 5.6 pounds, because the Oreck POD cordless vacuum is light, so you can move it all around your house with no problem. With the all-in-one brush roll for carpets and hard floors, you won’t need any other appliance or tool to clean your floors. This can do it all. It also has the option for handheld mode with three tools, to help you get those hard to reach places.

Charge Time vs. Run Time

The Oreck POD charges faster and vacuums longer than the leading cordless vacuum. With an average 35-minute runtime, you only need to charge it for two and a half hours. That’s it.

With the advanced technology, you will get real-time alerts when you need to empty the POD and when it needs to be charged.

Needless to say, this Oreck POD Cordless vacuum will save you money, time and your house will be cleaner than usual.

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