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What Cordless Vacuum is Easiest to Empty?

What Cordless Vacuum is Easiest to Empty?

There are several things to consider when choosing vacuum cleaners. First, you will need to make sure they effectively clean your home. You need to also consider the price, it’s running time and how easy it is to use the vacuum. Of course, it’s also essential to know whether it’s the easiest to empty.

From Dyson to Bissell vacuum cleaners, check out these other reviews:

Dyson V8

Ideal for every type of floors, this efficient and effective vacuum cleaner will make you clean your home quietly. It’s truly outstanding and great for people with allergies. You can use this for up to 40 minutes and the charging time is five hours. Another good thing about this model is it’s great for cleaning high corners, sofas, and cars.

Shark DuoClean

Easy to set up and very straightforward, you won’t have a hard time using this vacuum, especially if you’re a novice. You can fold this into the smallest size to clean every corner of your home. It features a Flex Technology that allows you to get under your sofa or bed without moving the vacuum. Surprisingly, it works really well. And once full, they have an extremely release mechanisms that make it easier to empty when it’s full.

Bissell Bolt Plus 2

You can clean any part of your home with this two in one vacuum. Although it has a running time of about 30 minutes instead of the average of 40, it’s more affordable and pretty efficient. It’s lightweight too and features an edge bristles to make cleaning the corners a lot easier.

Vax Blade 32V

More affordable than a Dyson V8, this model is also effective in getting rid of those hairs and fibers in carpets. Although they don’t work well with hard floors, it’s easy to empty. Charging time for this model is four hours.

GTech Air Ram Mk 2

Extremely effective on hard floors and ideal for people with allergies as it contains a really good filter. Storing and emptying this vacuum is also easy. You can use this for about 40 minutes and the charging time is four hours. One disadvantage though, is it’s rather heavy. If you’re looking for a lighter vacuum, consider looking at other models.

Bosch Athlete Ultimate

You may need to charge this for six hours, yet you can use this model for an hour. They’re highly effective with almost anything — hard floors, carpets, and upholstery. It can eliminate dirt pretty quickly and compare with other machines, you only need to empty them a few times.


Although all of these vacuum cleaners are effective for your homes, the easiest to empty would be Shark. It’s also extremely easy to use and very flexible. See products on our website or stop by one of our locations in LaytonSalt Lake CitySouth Jordan or Orem to try it yourself.





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