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When it Makes Sense to Splurge on a Robot Vacuum

When it Makes Sense to Splurge on a Robot Vacuum

The first robotic vacuum appeared in 1996 (called the Trilobite), but it wasn’t until 2002 when the U.S.-based company iRobot introduced its first Roomba® vacuum that the robotic vacuum era truly began. In 2018 an estimated 14.2 million households had a robotic vacuum, and while they can be really convenient, they are also more expensive than the average vacuum cleaner. If you’re considering a robotic vacuum, here are some important things to know to decide whether the cost will be worthwhile.

Your Floors are Constantly Dirty

A trend in home design today is to have most (or sometimes all) hardwood or vinyl plank flooring. While it looks great, it also gets dusty and dirty, and can be hard to keep up. Robotic vacuums like the Roomba allow you to make a “map” of all the rooms in your home, create a vacuuming schedule, then plug it in and forget about it. You can vacuum as often as you choose, depending on your needs.

You Don’t Have Time to Clean Yourself

One of the biggest reasons that people consider a robotic vacuum like the Roomba is because they simply don’t have time to clean. Busy lives with work, kids, extracurricular activities, and everything in between often mean that cleaning gets pushed to the back burner (or you have to give up time with the kids to vacuum, which isn’t anyone’s first choice). An iRobot is a lot less expensive than paying for a house cleaner to come every week, and you still get the sparkly clean floors.

You Hate Vacuuming

Let’s face it, for some people the high cost of an iRobot vacuum cleaner is justified simply because they hate vacuuming. It’s a tedious job, and doing it with a traditional vacuum can be annoying at best—finding a nearby plug, getting into all the nooks and corners of your space, carrying the vacuum around the house to different areas, and all the other little inconveniences that are part of using a traditional vacuum.

You Also Hate Mopping

In addition to vacuum capabilities, iRobot also makes a floor cleaner that can mop. Many houses today include hardwood or vinyl plank flooring that not only has crumbs and dust, but also needs to be mopped regularly to keep it clean. The right iRobot machine can actually do both, saving you time and effort on two different chores.

For many people the added convenience and long-lasting quality of an iRobot vacuum are well worth the up-front costs. At Vacuums360 we also have payment plans that help you get a robotic vacuum today and pay for it over time, making it affordable and convenient. Talk to us today to learn more.

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