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Sewing Machine Parts and Vocabulary

Sewing Machine Parts and Vocabulary

We decided our list of Quilting Terms was so helpful that we wanted to give you a handy list for your sewing machine. Because we all know that pressing the foot pedal makes it sew, but when something goes wrong can you tell your favorite expert at Wimmer’s Sewing and Vacuum which part isn’t working? This list will help you expand your sewing vocabulary beyond ‘that thingy on the side’. Here’s what you need to know:

Needle The sharp, pointed metal tool that pierces the fabric to create stitches.

Presser Foot A metal or plastic attachment that holds the fabric in place while sewing and helps to guide it under the needle.

Feed Dogs Metal teeth-like mechanisms located beneath the presser foot that move the fabric forward and backward during stitching, ensuring even feeding.

Bobbin A small, spool-like component that holds the lower thread and is placed beneath the needle plate. It is generally wound separately.

Bobbin Case The metal or plastic casing that holds the bobbin in place and regulates the tension of the lower thread.

Bobbin Winder A mechanism on your machine used to wind thread onto the bobbin from the spool.

Throat Plate The metal plate located beneath the presser foot where the needle passes through to stitch the fabric.

Thread Tension Dial A knob or dial that adjusts the tension of the upper thread, controlling how tightly it is pulled through the machine while sewing.

Stitch Selector A mechanism, dial, or control panel that allows you to choose different types of stitches or stitch lengths on the machine.

Reverse Stitch Lever/Button A control that allows the machine to sew stitches in reverse, used for reinforcing seams at the beginning and end of stitching or at stress points. This might be on the Stitch Selector, or it could be separate.

Thread Cutter A built-in blade or notch on the machine used to cut the thread after sewing.

Handwheel A large, circular wheel on the right side of the machine that manually raises and lowers the needle and controls the movement of the needle mechanism, should move freely and smoothly.

Foot Pedal A foot-operated control that regulates the speed of the sewing machine, allowing the user to start, stop, and control the stitching speed.

Presser Foot Lever A lever or button that raises and lowers the presser foot, allowing for easy insertion and removal of fabric.

Bobbin Cover/Door A removable cover or door that provides access to the bobbin area for threading and maintenance.

Needle Clamp The mechanism that holds the needle securely in place within the needle bar.

Thread Take-up Lever A lever that moves up and down with each stitch, helping to regulate the tension of the upper thread and ensure smooth stitching.

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