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Vacuum Sales and Repair in Clearfield

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Shopping for a new vacuum cleaner might not show up on your list of things that you want to do, but when you get the right vacuum it can make a big difference in your ability to keep your home or business clean. Top-of-the-line vacuums are also a great way to address specific health needs and ensure that you have a clean, safe home for yourself and your family. Vacuums 360 is the premier authorized vacuum dealer for a wide variety of high-quality vacuums in Clearfield.

Commercial and Residential Vacuum Cleaners in Clearfield

Our full lineup of vacuum cleaners at Vacuums 360 includes both residential, commercial, and industrial machines. Much like other appliances—your furnace, AC, refrigerator—a good quality vacuum can last for many years to come. Some vacuums are even warrantied and designed to last your whole life.

To get that quality, you will spend more than what you might buying a cleaning appliance from a local big box retail store, but it will pay dividends over the years as you are able to keep your home or business clean without worrying whether your vacuum is going to need extensive repairs or quit working altogether.

We can help you find the perfect vacuum for any type of cleaning need, including specialty needs such as:

  • Homes with pets
  • Allergy sufferers and other health conditions
  • Large commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial cleaning companies

Why Buy From an Authorized Dealer?

the one that will meet your needs at the very best price. Most high-end vacuum manufacturers work with a network of authorized dealers throughout the U.S. These dealers, like Vacuums 360 in Clearfield, have specialized training and knowledge of how each brand works.

We carry a full line of replacement parts for all types of vacuum cleaners so you get the parts you need quickly and get your vacuum back in working order. We also have expertise in how to repair most issues with your vacuum right in our stores so you won’t have to send it back to a manufacturing facility and wait while it gets repaired and shipped back.

New Vacuum Sales and Existing Vacuum Repairs in Clearfield

Whether you need a brand new vacuum in Clearfield or you are looking for vacuum repairs, Vacuums 360 is here to help. Talk to our helpful service representatives about your needs today.