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iRobot Roomba Vacuum Repair & Service

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About iRobot Roomba Vacuums

You’ve probably seen the advertisements for robot vacuums, or maybe you have friends and family members who rave about their Roomba. These little hockey-puck-shaped vacuums might not look like your typical cleaning machine, but they can dramatically improve your life by taking one chore off your plate.

iRobot was first formed in 1990 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the first model of a Roomba vacuum cleaner was released in 2002. The creators envisioned a time when they would be able to make robots that weren’t just cool to look at, but that actually made a practical difference in our lives. Since that time they have built and sold more than 30 million robots, but perhaps their best-known product is the Roomba line of vacuum cleaners.

What’s a Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Roomba vacuum cleaners by iRobot now come in a wide variety of styles and models. They range from low-end basic cleaners to high-tech models that offer several different options and benefits. It might seem a little confusing as you first start shopping for a robot vacuum, so here are a few features to consider:

  • Cleaning capacity: the benefit of a vacuum boils down to its suction, and different models of the Roomba have different levels of cleaning capacity. While it doesn’t provide specific measurements of how much power the vacuum models include, iRobot offers comparisons between models so you can find one with the right level of power.
  • Structure and control: lower-end robot vacuums will clean your home, but most will do so in a pretty haphazard way. They’ll randomly work their way through a room making turns as they bump into any obstacle. Higher-end models that include connection to the iRobot app will be able to “map” your home so they can repeat the cleaning each time in a methodical way.
  • Customization: lower-end Roomba models usually only have a couple of buttons—clean, and home. Higher-end models include features on the app that identify the areas of your home and allow you to control the specific places that it cleans, rather than just setting the vacuum loose for a few hours. You can have it clean just one room or area, and set up a schedule to clean at regular intervals.
  • Noise: most vacuum cleaners aren’t quiet, but Roombas come with varying levels of noise. If you have a vacuum going for several hours in the background you might prefer one that is quiet so you can work, watch TV, or talk on the phone while it runs.
  • Smart home connections: higher-end Roomba models also connect to your smart home devices like Alexa and Google. This allows you to control the vacuuming schedule with basic voice commands, even when you’re not at home.

Choose Your Robot Vacuum Today

With all the models and features to choose from, it’s best to talk to an expert. Our team at Vacuums 360 can help you decide which iRobot Roomba model best fits your needs as well as your budget, and get you set up with a robot vacuum to help keep your home clean even when you’re not in the mood for chores.