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How do you find the perfect vacuum that meets all your needs? With the help of a friendly team of vacuum and cleaning experts at Vacuums 360 in Bountiful.

The Best Vacuum Brands for Sale

The vast majority of vacuum cleaners purchased in the U.S. will end up in a landfill, and usually it doesn’t take very long before that happens. The reason is simple: people don’t know what to look for when they buy a vacuum, or don’t realize that it could be a long-term investment in a quality appliance. Instead they head to a local retail store and pick up the first (or cheapest) one they can find.

If you have ever stood in the aisles of a big box store and wondered which vacuum you should purchase, then made a snap decision and regretted it later, you are not alone. While the cost of a quality vacuum is going to be more than what you might pay for that cheap alternative, the machine will be built to last for decades to come. Most high-end vacuum cleaners have warranties that extend for 10 years or more—some even last a lifetime—so you may not have to go back and buy another vacuum ever again.

Vacuums 360 in Bountiful sells only the highest quality vacuums from manufacturers with proven track records for building long-lasting machines that will keep your home and business clean. Our Clean Home Experts will help you choose between all the options and find the one that is right for you.

Qualified Vacuum Repair Experts

Even the best vacuums sometimes need some repairs, which is why our Clean Home Experts can also help with repairs. As an authorized dealer for top vacuum brands we carry a huge stock of replacement parts. We also have the expertise and knowledge to get it repaired the right way so you can get back to using it to keep your home clean. If we don’t have the right parts in stock, we can get them quickly or we can help you get it sent back to the manufacturer for a warranty claim.

Helpful and Friendly Service in Bountiful

At Vacuums 360 in Bountiful we take pride in offering the best service and the best vacuum cleaners. Not everyone gets as excited about vacuums as we do, but we’re here to make sure that you get the products you need for the cleaning challenges you face. Talk to our team today to find out what vacuums would work best and get help finding it.

Shop online in Bountiful, or come to one of our convenient locations to talk to us in person.