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Kirby Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Kirby Vacuums

We all need a great vacuum, and the highest quality vacuums are no different from many of your other home appliances: you get what you pay for. Certainly you can find cheap vacuums on store shelves at a local big-box retailer, but investing in a high-quality vacuum today can pay off for years to come.

Kirby vacuums are one of the highest quality machines available in the vacuum and home cleaning market. They won’t be the cheapest one you can find, but they are an investment—and a worthwhile one at that.

Since they were first introduced in 1919 by founder and designer Jim Kirby, these vacuum cleaners have built a lasting reputation for high quality. His original goal in creating his first Kirby vacuum was to eliminate as much of the hard work as possible when it comes to keeping your home clean.

Benefits of Kirby Vacuums for Home & Commercial Cleaning

There are few home appliances with as much name recognition as a Kirby vacuum. These cleaners boast several features that make them a favorite for homeowners and commercial cleaners, including:

  • High-end HEPA filtration to reduce dust, debris, pollen, allergens, and other harmful microbes in the air.
  • Aluminum construction for one of the lightest vacuum cleaners available today.
  • Power Assist feature that allows you to maneuver the vacuum easily through every room, avoiding furniture and getting into tight spots easily.
  • Combined carpet/hard surface cleaner so you don’t have to switch vacuums for different flooring in your home.
  • Three-year limited warranty and a reputation that they will last at least that long.
  • American-made construction with manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Texas.

Finding the Right Repair & Service Shop for Kirby Vacuums

Even with their reputation as a long-lasting and high-quality vacuum cleaner, you may still need repairs from time to time or service for your appliance. Vacuums 360 is a Kirby Distributor and authorized local service center to complete repairs on all Kirby machines.

Our team is specially trained to diagnose problems with a Kirby vacuum and get it repaired quickly. We carry a large stock of Kirby replacement parts to make it easy to get your vacuum in and out of your shop so you won’t have to wait long without the ability to clean.

Vacuums 360 is the best place to get all your repairs for Kirby vacuums and regular service as needed. Find one of our convenient locations near you in Utah and schedule a service or repair today.