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Riccar Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Riccar Vacuums

Anyone in the market to purchase a new vacuum cleaner knows that there are many different brands to choose from. Riccar vacuum cleaners are a premier brand manufactured and sold through Tacony Corporation, and it’s one of the only brands that is made in the United States.

When you think about the investment you make in your home, it should be a place where you can feel comfortable all the time. That’s why Riccar’s mission is to help you maintain what they call “your oasis” by ensuring that you get a world-class clean every time. Their vacuums are designed with the pursuit of perfection in mind, not just as an appliance that you buy off a store shelf and get rid of a few months or years later.

Riccar truly believes that vacuums—like homes—are investments that can pay off over time in terms of quality and durability. Choosing the right vacuum is an essential part of getting the long-term value that every homeowner deserves.

World-Class Vacuum Cleaners

While Riccar vacuums might not be the cheapest ones you will find, their goal of making world-class vacuum cleaners is what sets them apart. They are obsessed with performance and have perfected machines that have the best suction power to clean your toughest messes.

Every model also has air flow control to ensure that it traps all the allergens and dust inside and won’t recirculate it throughout your home. Their patented Tandem Air Technology, which uses two separate cleaning motors. Most vacuum cleaners have only one type of motor, either:

  • Clean air motor – this suctions air through the filter at the same time that it pulls up dust and dirt. It’s the most common type of motor available in most household vacuum cleaner models. They work great for a vacuum that has several attachments, but it doesn’t have as much agitation.
  • Direct air motor – these motors are designed to agitate your carpets and flooring more than clean air motors. That shakes dust loose from the carpets so it can be sucked up, rather than remaining at the base of your flooring and collecting in the same place until you hire a carpet cleaner. Many elite-level vacuum cleaners use this technology, but it doesn’t work as well with attachments.

Riccar stands above the rest by putting both motors in their vacuums. These two motors work together to create a high level of suction power, even with your attachments, but also a high level of agitation to clean even the deepest dirt and dust.

These vacuums are available in several models, including:

  • Canister vacuums
  • Specialty lightweight, cordless, or handheld vacuums
  • Upright with the Tandem Air technology
  • Upright with options like cordless, lightweight, or commercial-strength
  • Central vacuum systems

Find out more about what makes Riccar a great vacuum choice by talking to the experts at Vacuums 360 today.