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Simplicity Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Simplicity Vacuums

When it comes to Simplicity vacuum cleaners, what you get is in the name. They focus on providing you with the best engineering and designs instead of a bunch of fancy gizmos and gadgets that don’t do much to actually help you clean and just drive up the price of your vacuum. From the major design features to the smallest details, you get a vacuum cleaner that is ready to tackle the most difficult dirt in your home.

Stop Buying New Vacuums

When Simplicity started it was with the goal of helping everyday homeowners get good quality appliances that would stand the test of time. If you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner every year, it’s time to get a brand that will give you the best in quality so you can stop worrying about whether your vacuum will make it through the next big mess.

The Best Materials Make the Best Vacuums

Vacuums go through a lot, which means the ones that are designed to last must be built with durability in mind. Simplicity vacuums are built with metal components in many of the places that our lower-priced competitors put plastic. Plastic might make the vacuum cheaper in the short-term, but it won’t be equipped to stand up to your cleaning needs in the long term. They put metal in key parts of the vacuum design to make sure it’s as durable as possible without getting heavy and unwieldy.

Cleaner Air in Your Home

Many of the Simplicity vacuum models come with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to keep allergens out of your home. These filters are the gold standard for trapping particulate matter that is circulating in your home or nestled in your carpets and upholstery. It can filter out more than 99% of the most common allergens that are 0.3 microns in size or larger, like:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Pet dander

When you have these particles circulating in your home, you and your family are breathing them in all the time. In high concentrations they can make you experience allergic reactions (sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, congestion). But even if they don’t cause an immediate reaction, the buildup of small particulate matter over time in your lungs can still be harmful to your health. It’s better to have a vacuum cleaner that can capture and get rid of it than to have it circulating around.

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