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Shark Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Shark Vacuums

The Shark line of vacuums offers a wide variety of vacuum styles that are ideal for anyone who wants a high quality vacuum and is still on a budget. These vacuums often come in at a lower price point than some of the more expensive and high-end brands, but still have a track record of good quality that will last for several years.

Shark vacuums come in a variety of styles, making them a great choice for many different households or even some commercial settings. You can choose from:

  • Upright – the most traditional type of vacuum that stands “upright” while you guide it along the floor. These are usually the most powerful types of vacuums, offering superior suction and cleaning power for all types of carpets and even hard floors. They also have large, wide heads that clean bigger areas so it won’t take as long to complete you vacuuming.
  • Stick – a stick vacuum is very thin and small, and usually a smaller version of an upright. They come with both corded and cordless models in the Shark lineup, depending on your needs. In generally they are much lighter than upright vacuums so they can easily be lifted or carried around from one floor to another. However, because they are smaller they may have smaller motors and less suction power.
  • Robot – a robot vacuum is usually a small circle or square shape. It moves around your home autonomously (meaning you won’t have to push it), and can go over multiple types of flooring, including hard floors, carpet, and area rugs. These vacuums usually aren’t as powerful as larger models, but have the benefit of being able to vacuum at any time.
  • Handheld – smaller vacuums that you can hold in your hand are perfect for cleaning areas of your home where you can’t take a traditional vacuum, such as furniture or stairs. Shark vacuums also come with convenient attachments that make it easy to use them in hard-to-reach areas like corners of your ceiling. Some also come with specific functions to clean pet hair.

Choosing the right Shark vacuum is a matter of identifying your specific needs and comparing all the available features. Shark vacuums tend to be on the less expensive end of the budget scale for a high quality vacuum, but you can compare prices to get the lowest cost possible.

Service and Repairs on Shark Vacuums

Getting repairs and service for your Shark vacuums is easy at Vacuums 360. Our team can quickly diagnose issues with these vacuums and provide speedy repairs at any of our convenient locations throughout Northern Utah. We can also schedule regular maintenance to clean and check your vacuum for common issues. During these service appointments we check things like the motor, belts, and brush roll, and recommend replacement as needed to prevent significant issues later.

Contact us today to learn more about our service and repair options for your Shark vacuums.