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Bissell Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Bissel Vacuums

Since they first came to the market in the late 1800s, Bissell vacuum cleaners have become synonymous with quality for cleaning your carpets and floors. The Bissell story began almost by accident, though.

Husband and wife Melville and Anna Bissell got tired of constantly sweeping up sawdust in their crockery shop—a place where they made all types of dishes. Melville invented a sweeping device that would quickly and efficiently sweep up the dust so they didn’t have to do it by hand with a broom and decided to patent the device. Soon friends and neighbors were asking about how they could get one too, and the Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co. was born.

It wasn’t long after that the BISSELL® became a household name, thanks to a famous endorsement from Queen Victoria herself. She had her palace ‘Bisselled’ each week and the company expanded across North America and Europe.

Bissell Vacuums Still Provide Quality Clean

More than 125 years later, the Bissell name is still one of the first that people think of when they need something to help with daily chores. Today they come in a wide variety of options so you can get exactly what you need to keep your home nice and tidy. Bissell vacuums are available in:

  • Upright models, including bagged and bagless
  • Stick vacuums for basic cleaning and quick jobs
  • Cordless vacuums so you’re not too tied down
  • Canister vacuums to give you the same strength and power of those industrial cleaners in the convenience of your home
  • Handheld vacuums to get those hard-to-clean areas that a traditional vacuum just won’t go
  • Robotic vacuums to keep your home looking clean all the time without you ever lifting a finger

From Crockery Sawdust to Everyday Messes

The original Bissell vacuums were designed to clean up the sawdust messes of a crockery shop, but today’s vacuums are all manufactured to meet the needs of even the toughest homes. Bissell vacuums come with features like HEPA filters and patented technology to keep common household allergens at bay.

The engineers at Bissell also know how important it is to keep your house clean with furry friends around, which is why they designed the MultiClean™ Allergen Pet Lift-Off® vacuum cleaner. It is quick, convenient, and lightweight so you can lift it up to easily clean pet hairs from upholstery, furniture, and other hard-to-vacuum areas like your stairs. But it still comes with the powerful suction of an upright vacuum cleaner to grab even the most stubborn pet hairs and dirt.

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