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Vacuum Repair & Service near Draper

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Now more than ever, it’s important to keep your home as clean as possible, and to do that, you need a powerful, reliable vacuum cleaner. The team at Vacuums 360 is your partner in this endeavor. We provide the best in vacuum repairs, sales and service in Draper, Utah, and the surrounding areas.

Brand Names Are Important with Vacuums

If you’re a bargain shopper, you may balk at the price of some of the top-selling vacuums today. You wonder why you would pay hundreds of dollars for a brand-name vacuum when you could just get a cheap one at a big box store. We can answer that for you.

For many years after vacuum cleaners were invented, they all suffered from a serious flaw. They lost suction over time — some more quickly than others. Why?

You know that you must empty your vacuum cleaner, whether yours has a paper bag, a plastic cup or another type of receptacle. If the receptacle becomes full of dust, dirt and debris and you fail to notice and attempt to continue vacuuming, your vacuum will not be able to do as good of a job as it could have if the bag or container were empty.

Worse, however, is regardless of how frequently and reliably you empty your vacuum, particles of dust get sucked outside of the bag or container, where they lodge in the motor or other parts of the vacuum. Although most vacuums have filters to trap this errant dust, they don’t do a thorough enough job.

A cheap vacuum that has lost suction due to being clogged with dust and dirt is not a good candidate for vacuum repair. It’s a problem that can’t be fixed.

It’s time for a new vacuum.

Top-Selling Vacuums

Your vacuum must be able to extract dirt efficiently from all the surfaces in your home — bare floors, upholstery, furniture, drapes and carpets with varying pile heights. Suction is key.

Dyson was one of the first vacuums to come out that solved the problem of losing suction over time. We can’t explain how, because they have patented their technology, but these vacuums are known for retaining their suction power for many years.

Dyson now has a whole line of vacuum cleaners for sale, including upright and cordless models, and one just for hard floors.

While Dyson is popular, today, many brands of vacuums are equally good and used by the best housecleaning teams. These include:

  • Bissell Vacuums
  • Dyson Vacuums
  • Hoover Vacuums
  • iRobot Roomba Vacuums
  • Kirby Vacuums
  • Miele Vacuums
  • Oreck Vacuums
  • Riccar Vacuums
  • SEBO Vacuums
  • Shark Vacuums
  • Simplicity Vacuums

Vacuum Repair Shop Serving Draper

As great as these vacuums are and as highly as we recommend them, they do still require maintenance and the occasional repair. Vacuums 360 is known as the premier vacuum cleaner repair shop for Draper and the surrounding area.

Whenever you need vacuum repair — or a new vacuum — count on the team at Vacuums 360.