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Dyson Vacuum Repair & Service

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About Dyson Vacuums

Have you heard of Dyson brands? While they are definitely not the vacuum brand with the longest history, they have certainly taken the vacuum cleaner market by storm in the last few decades. The company makes a wide range of cleaning machines that range from your typical upright vacuum cleaner to advanced stick vacuums.

One of the primary features across all Dyson brands is the superior suction power they give you to clean even the most difficult messes with ease. The wide variety of options in size and vacuum style also make it easy to find one that fits your needs.

Top Reasons to Choose a Dyson Vacuum

For those thinking about getting a new vacuum that is a good investment, it’s worth looking at Dyson brand. They are made well and built with several features that have moved them quickly to the top of the list for innovative new vacuums.

When the brand first launched in the 1980s it was revolutionary because it didn’t include a bag that you had to remove and replace. That meant no more worries about clogged bags and loss of suction, or the cost of continually replacing those bags as they filled up. Today many brands come with bagless options, but Dyson remains a leader in the space.

Other features that set Dyson apart include:

  • A large filtration system that captures and separates big particles from small ones, allowing the vacuum to maintain a higher level of suction without clogging
  • The unique “ball technology” that rotates the vacuum around a circular ball so it maneuvers into even the tightest spaces with ease
  • HEPA filtration that removes 99.97% of all air particles and can last for several years
  • Dust ejector design that pushes all the debris out of your vacuum bin so you don’t have to reach your hands inside to pull it out or bang it against the side of the garbage can and spreading debris all around
  • Compact and lightweight designs that are perfect for storing in tight spaces and small closets
  • Cordless options and the ability to split off a handheld option for hard-to-reach places

Service & Repairs for Dyson Vacuum at Vacuums 360

Even the best vacuums still need repairs sometimes. Servicing your vacuum at regular intervals also helps keep it running top condition so you can use it for years to come. Vacuums 360 has a team of skilled technicians who can diagnose and repair your Dyson whenever something goes wrong. We can also do regular maintenance to clean and check parts that wear out over time, replacing them as needed to avoid major repairs in the future.

Contact us with any questions you have about your Dyson vacuum, to get troubleshooting guidance, or to schedule a service or repair today.