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Types of Sewing and Quilting Classes

Types of Sewing and Quilting Classes

Beyond the beautiful bolts of fabric and cool new sewing machines, the classes and clubs offered at your favorite local shop, aka Wimmers Sewing and Vacuum, are full of creative ideas just waiting for you to jump in. Take a look at the different categories of classes you can find.

Project-Specific Classes

These classes revolve around creating specific projects, whether it's a stunning wall hanging, a cozy lap quilt, or a decorative table runner. Project-specific classes often come with detailed patterns and step-by-step instructions, making them ideal for stitchers that need more guidance and for those looking to learn something new. 

Technique-Specific Classes

A technique-specfic class is an opportunity to enhance your skill on a particular process or part of sewing. For those looking to hone their skills, technique-specific classes are a goldmine. From mastering the art of appliqué to delving into intricate paper piecing or free-motion quilting, these sessions provide plenty of hands-on guidance and invaluable tips.

Special Events and National Teachers

We love when we get the opportunity to host special events and give you a unique opportunity to learn and experience the best the quilting community has to offer. Special events may include workshops, lectures, and trunk shows, so make sure you’re on the lookout for our next one!

Machine Education Classes

In an era where cutting edge technology intersects with hand crafts, sewing machine education classes are essential for stitchers who want to harness the full potential of their sewing machine. We cover topics such as understanding machine settings, troubleshooting common issues, and exploring advanced features unique to each model. We have classes for everything from navigating your first machine to an experienced quilter upgrading to a new embroidery model, these classes ensure you make the most of your sewing machine.

Block of the Month

A Block of the Month, often abbreviated to BOM, is one in which participants work on a quilt in separate sections over a defined period of time. The most common length is, you guessed it, monthly, but there are BOM’s that run every two weeks or even weekly. Normally, you’ll receive a new quilt block pattern as you work towards completing a larger quilt. BOM classes are a fantastic way to build skills progressively, not to mention stay motivated, and gives you dedicated time to create each month.

Open Sew Sessions

Sometimes, you achieve all your goals when there are no goals. Open sew sessions provide a communal space for quilters and stitchers work on their projects independently while sharing ideas, tips, and problem solving without a structured goal in mind. They’re also a great place to sit and sew without the distractions of everything that happen around the house that pulls you away from your machine! 

Make sure to check out the class schedule at each of the Wimmers Sewing and Vacuum locations to find the perfect fit for your next sewing and quilting class.

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