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Event Location: Wimmer's Sewing (Layton)



We have some beautiful quilt kits ready for you! Stop by the store and pick up your favorites. All kits include top, borders, and binding.

Kits Available:  Holiday Woods $62, Snowy Tidings, $75, Boardwalk, $29.99, Hyde Park, $43.99, Free to Fly $97.00, Roaring $20’s, $199, Color Splash, $265.00

Bring your sewing machine and basic sewing supplies. Then join us at the Wednesday open sew. There’s always someone here to help you.

Roaring 20s $199

Holiday in the woods $62

Snowy Tidings $75

Boardwalk $29.99

Free to Fly $97

Hyde Park $43.99

Color Splash $265